Many marketers want to save time and money by contacting potential customers via email. However, the act of purchasing an email list usually does more harm than good. This mistake can have long-term consequences for a company’s reputation and its ability to communicate with the public.

There are a number of important reasons why Doctor Database doesn’t sell email addresses.


Most people accept the fact that anyone can send paper advertisements to them. On the other hand, email ads from unfamiliar companies are generally treated as spam. Many recipients discard them without a moment’s hesitation. Internet users only expect to receive messages from firms that have permission to contact them. When someone buys a group of email addresses, it is never truly an “opt-in” list.


It costs little or nothing to send commercial messages to email lists, so marketers frequently overuse them. Potential customers receive a deluge of ads that no one has enough time to read. This causes people to ignore the advertisements and try to block them. It’s more expensive to send faxes, robocalls or postcards, but the cost barrier protects these advertising channels from oversaturation.


If a company buys email addresses, Internet service providers might receive spam complaints and decide to block all of its messages for years to come. The business may still have difficulty contacting clients, employees and contractors after it stops using lists. Unsolicited email marketing campaigns could also damage a firm’s public image or result in government fines.


Companies that sell email addresses don’t have a way to determine if people still use them. Some Internet users abandon accounts after receiving too many ads. Others create junk mail addresses that they only use to fill out forms. By the time an online marketer purchases a list, it usually contains thousands of inactive addresses. Such lists yield poor results and very high bounce rates.

Your Options

Fortunately, many safer alternatives remain available. Any company with a website can build its own opt-in list by starting a newsletter, conducting surveys or holding contests. A more convenient and cost-effective option is to purchase other types of contact information from Doctor Database. Fax, phone and mailing lists enable businesses to avoid saturated Internet marketing channels.

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