Do you have email addresses with the database?

No. And you would be wise to tread lightly with any email database you buy because chances are, your are violating the CANSPAM Act.

Use email where it works best, as permission based marketing. As you mail or call the database we give you, you will compile email addresses of interested parties.

How often is the database updated?

All the databases are updated monthly and your are encouraged to log-in each month and take advantage of the update for FREE.

In a year, businesses move, add locations and even cease operations, so using our FREE update service is a good idea.

Can I print mailing labels with your data?

Yes. We’ve created a page describing how to print mailing labels.

How do you compile the data?

The lists you order are compiled and updated monthly from accurate sources including but not limited to; professional licenses, business listings and professional directories. Because our emphasis is on professional licenses, you are assured at receiving every available name in the category you purchase.

What is the format of the database?

Your list will download in Microsoft Excel CSV format (comma-separated value). This is the easiest to use for a mail-merge that you can do yourself or forward the file to a direct mail shop. And the file can be easily sorted and imported into any database marketing software.

You can easily import your database into Microsoft Excel. If you are having trouble, watch this tutorial on importing a CSV into Microsoft Excel.

How accurate is the database?

The data is exactly as the medical professional entered it, under falsification penalty, as submitted to the medical governing authority for their specific area of expertise.

Naturally, errors do occur. But more often than that businesses move, add a location or cease operations so utilizing our FREE monthly update service will help you manage these inevitable changes.

Are your lists guaranteed?

Absolutely YES! After downloading your lists use them in your marketing program as you wish and if for any reason you are not happy, contact us within 30-days for a 100%, no-questions asked refund.

I purchased a state database, and I’m now interested in the national database. Can I get a credit for the state database?

YES! After you place an order for the national database, email us and we can refund your state purchase.

Does your database include longitude and latitude?

No, our database does not include coordinates. If this is important, there are many services online that can geocode data.

Can I talk to a real live person?

Absolutely, we are available via phone or email.

Our phone number is 800-496-1774.