This is our most frequent question… Can I print mailing labels with your databases?

The short answer is… yes.

You will need a few things to print mailing labels using our database.


1) Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, or any other spreadsheet software

You will need this type of software so you can edit the database. You may want to edit the database and remove medical professionals you aren’t interested. For example, there are 30,000 dentists in California. If you only want to send a letter to a certain zip code or a certain city, you will remove the unnesseary entries using Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program.


2) Mailing Labels

Avery Mailing LabelsIf you are printing mailing labels from your own printer, you will need to purchase peel and stick mailing labels.

The most popular size and brand of label is Avery’s 8160 (1 x 2.62 Inch).

With this type of label, you can get 30 labels on each sheet.

At, the price of Avery lables in this size is $25 for 3000 labels. You don’t need to buy Avery brand labels. There are several other companies online that make the exact same label for less. – 3000 Labels for $10.45 – 3000 Labels for $10.45


3) Mail Merge Software (Microsoft Word or other software listed below)

Once you have deleted any entries from the database you don’t want included, it’s time to print the labels. To print the labels you will need to use the mail merge capabilities of Microsoft Word or one of the programs listed below.

Avery Wizard Software

Maestro Label Designer – Free access with a purchase.