April 2014 Update

We’ve updated our doctor databases for March 2014. Below you will see a count of how many records each database contains compared to last month.

Not only are new entries added but existing entries are updated with current information and old entries are removed.

Complete Database

New: 2,629,677
Old: 2,630,276

Physician Database

New: 929,337
Old: 937,470

Dentist Database

New: 202,750
Old: 203,077

Therapist Database

New: 883,759
Old: 878,237

Nurse Database

New: 343,077
Old: 341,553

Chiropractor Database

New: 80,461
Old: 80,557

Pharmacist Database

New: 149,089
Old: 148,391

Audiologist Database

New: 12,331
Old: 12,350

Dietician Database

New: 28,873
Old: 28,641