January 2015 Update

We’ve been busy at Doctor Database, and we’ve neglected the blog.

Here are the new numbers for January compared with the numbers from September 2014.

Not only are new entries added but existing entries are updated with current information and old entries are removed.

Complete Database

New: 2,783,221
Old: 2,729,090

Physician Database

New: 967,067
Old: 961,142

Dentist Database

New: 208,479
Old: 207,162

Therapist Database

New: 947,932
Old: 919,772

Nurse Database

New: 371,050
Old: 358,330

Chiropractor Database

New: 82,212
Old: 81,478

Pharmacist Database

New: 162,100
Old: 157,952

Audiologist Database

New: 13,778
Old: 13,600

Dietician Database

New: 30,603
Old: 29,244