September 2014 Update

We had a glitch in our system and so we didn’t have an update for August. Here is the update for September compared to the July update.

Not only are new entries added but existing entries are updated with current information and old entries are removed.

Complete Database

New: 2,729,090
Old: 2,696,577

Physician Database

New: 961,142
Old: 956,895

Dentist Database

New: 207,162
Old: 205,502

Therapist Database

New: 919,772
Old: 904,618

Nurse Database

New: 358,330
Old: 352,437

Chiropractor Database

New: 81,478
Old: 81,216

Pharmacist Database

New: 157,952
Old: 153,240

Audiologist Database

New: 13,600
Old: 13,425

Dietician Database

New: 29,244
Old: 29,654